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Post image for Rebooting the Legacy of a Woman Who Made Video Games for Girls

Theresa Duncan made a series of CD-ROM games in the 1990s aimed at young girls, encouraging imagination and adventure through playfully drawn, dreamlike narratives.

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Post image for Uterus Man, Pelvis Chariot, and the Irreverent Video Games of Lu Yang

If there’s any space that both parallels and accommodates Lu Yang’s highly exhilarating and provocative works, it’s a sprawling arcade, a cornucopia of weirdness and inappropriate ideas.

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Super Zaxxon gameplay screenshot

The Internet Archive, the non-profit behind the Wayback Machine and countless other digital resources, has just launched the Internet Arcade, a free online database of about 900 classic arcade games you can play in your browser.

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Post image for V&A’s First Games Designer in Residence Takes On 19th-Century Textiles

Curiosity was piqued across the games and museum communities last May when the Victoria & Albert Museum announced their first games designer in residence. Now games designer Sophia George has unveiled her first project in the residency.

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Post image for Recovering the History of Sound in Video Games

The sound of video games has transformed from something seemingly mechanical accenting action to incredibly elaborate acoustic landscapes setting the mood for play. To preserve this history, and show why it’s worth exploring, a new documentary and archive project are underway.

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Post image for Giving Indigenous Stories a Voice Against Stereotypes in Video Games

From inhumanly buff, tribally vague warriors in combat games to targets in cowboys- versus-Indians epics, video game representations of indigenous people have been spotty at best.

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Post image for Festival Promotes Socially Engaged Video Games

Games about border crossing, American Indian relocation, and exploring identity are leading the way for the medium as a social tool. Using narrative and interaction, gaming is continuing to provide a level of emotional engagement with societal issues.

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Post image for A Poem-Length Glitchy Game about the Loss of Memory

In Alz, you wander as a blank-faced man through a landscape of trees and skyscrapers that stutter and glitch as a strange black box follows. It’s an incredibly short experience, a poem-length immersion in the world of someone caught in the confusion of memory loss.

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Museum Arcade: Indie Games Edition

by Allison Meier on February 25, 2014

Post image for Museum Arcade: Indie Games Edition

From controlling a flower petal on the wind to experiencing a five minute memento mori in pixels, Indie Essentials: 25 Must-Play Video Games at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria brings together some recent touchstones of independent game design in a playable setting.

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Post image for Vale Cultura and the “Food for the Soul” Experiment in Brazil

A little over a decade ago, President Lula de Silva announced his vision that every Brazilian would eat three meals a day. He worked to achieve that dream through the Bolsa Familia program, which economists say has lifted 22 million people out of extreme poverty. Last month, Lula’s successor President Dilma Rousseff inaugurated another innovative program called Vale Cultura.

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