Post image for Recording the Stories of Marginalized Students

TUCSON, Ariz. — Underrepresentation of marginalized and minority communities in society is nothing new; neither is it in the art world.

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Post image for India’s Death Photographers Working Amid the Cremation Flames of the Ganges

Arriving with dance and music, draped in orange and pink flowers, the dead keep constant company in Varanasi, India, where cremations happen by the hundred each day on the Ganges River.

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A Simplistic Survey of Protest Art

by Julia Friedman on March 18, 2015

Post image for A Simplistic Survey of Protest Art

Zero Tolerance at MoMA PS1 tackles an ambitiously broad subject: the intersection between protest and art.

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Post image for On the Brink of Extinction, an Indigenous Language Gets Its First Dictionary

Despite their important role in strengthening cultures and communities, languages are fragile things.

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Post image for The Coy Politics of Cheryl Donegan’s Recycled Imagery

It made immediate sense to me that an artist who had cut her teeth making video works was able to transpose their sense of social commentary onto her formal works.

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Sesame Street Explains Sculpture

by Kyle Chayka on April 18, 2013

Post image for Sesame Street Explains Sculpture

It takes a lot of work to carve a sculpture, but apparently muppets have all the strength it takes. On the April 18 episode of Sesame Street, “sculpture” was the word of the day and the little red fuzzball Elmo teamed up with chiseled Mad Men star Jon Hamm to give viewers a quick history of the medium, from Rodin to David Smith.

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Post image for Yoko Ono Offers Impossible Make-Up Tips for Men

Yoko Ono is usually a bit much for me: I find things like smile apps and instruction pieces that tell you to “Make a wish” and “Keep wishing” cloyingly precious. (Maybe I’m just a cranky, cynical New Yorker.) But Ono has a new video called “Make-Up Tips for Men” (made as part of her clothing line for Opening Ceremony) that I actually adore, precisely because it cuts the sweetness with camp.

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Post image for MoMA Curator Paola Antonelli Appears on Colbert Report to Talk Design

How well designed is your coffee mug? Our personal design heroine and all-time curator crush Paola Antonelli appeared on the Colbert Report last night to critique all those everyday objects we take for granted in advance of her next big show at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Post image for Hilarious Portlandia Episode Shows the Dangers of Conceptual Art

For those uninitiated into its history, conceptual art can often seem like a trick — is that really a urinal in an art gallery? Is sticking yogurt caps on gallery walls really great art? Unfortunately for Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the stars and creators of the sketch TV show Portlandia, it turns out that conceptual art can actually trap you, even outside of a gallery opening.

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Post image for Steve McQueen at the Art Institute of Chicago or How To Install Moving Images

At the Art Institute of Chicago’s Steve McQueen exhibition, I saw something unusual: museum-goers spending time — minutes of it! — watching moving images. In an otherwise bustling museum, the visitors in these rooms were silent and enthralled.

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