Vincent van Gogh

Post image for An Exhibit Examines van Gogh’s Illness, from a Rusty Revolver to a Doctor’s Sketch of His Ear

One hundred and twenty-eight years after Vincent van Gogh took a razor to his ear — signaling the start of the tumultuous months leading up to his suicide attempt and death — we remain fascinated by the nature of the artist’s illness.

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Post image for Algorithm Clones Artists’ Styles, Turning Videos into Living Paintings

Have you ever wished you could watch Pixar’s Ice Age rendered in the post-Impressionist painting style of Vincent van Gogh, or Star Wars in the expressionistic style of Edvard Munch’s The Scream?

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Post image for “He Wanted to Give Her This Gift of Flesh”: Recipient of van Gogh’s Ear Identified

Shortly before Christmas, 1888, as the story goes, while living in Arles, France, and suffering from a deep depression, Vincent van Gogh sliced off part of his left ear with a razor blade, wrapped the severed ear in cloth, walked to a nearby brothel, and handed it to a woman working there.

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Post image for Artist Combs the Planet for Best van Gogh Lookalike

Calling all bearded redheads: Canadian artist and author Douglas Coupland is searching for Vincent van Gogh’s closest lookalike.

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Post image for Conjuring Up van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in a Bowl of Water

Recreating Vincent van Gogh paintings in unexpected mediums has become something of a trend in recent years.

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Post image for In Defense of the World’s Ugliest Color, “Opaque Couché”

And the title of “World’s Ugliest Color” goes to: Pantone 448C!

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Post image for Gogh Big or Gogh Home: A  Definitive Ranking of van Gogh Art Tributes

In mid-April, Berlin art duo Elmgreen and Dragset will erect a 4.5-ton vaguely ear-shaped swimming pool outside Rockefeller Center. Titled “Van Gogh’s Ear,” the absurd public sculpture is only the latest example of the van Gogh-mania sweeping the art world.

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Inside van Gogh’s Bedroom

by Philip A Hartigan on February 25, 2016

Post image for Inside van Gogh’s Bedroom

CHICAGO — On Monday, February 15, I slept in Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom, the room from the Yellow House in Arles that he famously painted in 1888 and 1889.

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Post image for Rent a Re-creation of Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom on Airbnb — Just Don’t Chop Off Your Ear

Now available for rent on Airbnb is a full-size, 3D replica of Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “The Bedroom” (1889), complete with rustic twin bed, pale violet walls, copper-green wood floor, and straw hat on a peg.

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Post image for Hanging 19th-Century Japanese and Western Masters Side by Side

SAN FRANCISCO — Claude Monet owned more than 200 Japanese prints and once told a critic, “If you insist on forcing me into an affiliation with anyone else … then compare me with the old Japanese masters; their exquisite taste has always delighted me.”

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