Post image for MoMA Is Archiving Its Exhibition Websites Before They Expire

Soon over 200 exhibition websites for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), going back to its first web experiments in 1995, will be totally archived, from their images to their code.

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Post image for An Online Sanctuary for 30 Endangered Species

Designer Bryan James was inspired to create the online project “In Pieces” as a “reminder of the beauty we are on the verge of losing as every moment passes.”

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Post image for A Digital Museum for New York’s Unclaimed Dead

The over one million people buried on New York City’s Hart Island are unified by their invisibility. With no tombstones or regular public access, the bodies resting in layers in the ongoing mass grave are mostly forgotten, even though the cemetery is the largest tax-funded burial ground in the world.

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Get the Daily Weather Forecast in Emoji

by Kyle Chayka on April 18, 2013

Post image for Get the Daily Weather Forecast in Emoji

We live in a data-driven world. Computer-driven algorithms sense and predict what the future might be like instants before it happens. Google Earth uses satellites to quantify the entire earth. Weather is pretty complicated, too. Dark Sky is a short-term weather predictor that uses real-time data to show a complex view of our current environment, visualized with radar animations. But what about a forecast anyone can instantly understand?

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Online Art Galleries Go Indie

by Kyle Chayka on January 29, 2013

Post image for Online Art Galleries Go Indie

Lately, the art world has been awash in technology-driven art start-ups, including well-funded ventures like 20×200, Artsy, and Artspace that dominate headlines by providing access to buying (or at least window shopping) art to a wider audience than blue-chip collectors. Making the gallery experience less intimidating is all well and good, but what about the nice parts of going to a small, hip art space and being able to pick out a piece that you might be able to afford? The good news is that a pair of independent, effortlessly cool online art galleries have recently launched to provide engaged collectors with the chance to follow specific curatorial voices.

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Post image for A Rainy Kind of Architecture Photography

You know what the weather’s been like in NYC this week: clouds, rain, more clouds, more rain. Sucks, but photographer and writer Madeleine DiGangi finds inspiration in the wet weather. Her photos show the flip side of urban architecture — buildings reflected in the city’s puddles pooling on streets and sidewalks.

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Post image for What Would You Save From a Burning House?

The Burning House is a website and project that presents photographers showing what they would save from their house if it was on fire. If they could only grab a select few things, these artists choose notebooks, favored cooking utensils, special clothes and personal gear.

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Online Art: Tedium Is the Medium

by Kyle Chayka on April 28, 2011

Post image for Online Art: Tedium Is the Medium

Online exhibition space The State has a new show up: Jacob Broms Engblom’s “wShare” is a fetishization of those internet moments when we’re just caught waiting.

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Where’s Waldo? In Art History!

by Kyle Chayka on March 18, 2011

Post image for Where’s Waldo? In Art History!

Tumblelog “Vintage Waldo” collects classic works of art from throughout art history and makes them even better — by adding a tiny figure wearing red and white stripes. These artsy Where’s Waldo games are part eye spy and part art history class slide ID test. Can you find and name them all?

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New York City Museums, For Free

by Kyle Chayka on February 24, 2011

Post image for New York City Museums, For Free

Website I Heart NY Museums by programmer Dan Nguyen is a super useful online mash-up of New York City museum data that shows you when each museum has admission-free hours. With this schedule, it’s easy to plan an exhibition itinerary that won’t leave you blowing $20 at MoMA.

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