Yves Saint Laurent

Post image for The Evolution of Dressmaking, from Hand- to Machine-Made

A clever way of telling if a piece of clothing is a knock-off is to look at the stitching: if it’s crooked, it’s probably been hastily assembled in some sweatshop; if it’s straight, it’s been meticulously formed with the utmost sensitivity to detail in an atelier.

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No fewer than two French biopics about Yves Saint Laurent have been released in the last two years, suggesting that a competitive rush to make the Saint Laurent film began immediately following his death in 2008.

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Before people were dropping GIFs into Gmail, letter writers were adding illustrations for that emotional or contextual punch.

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Still from 'Yves Saint Laurent'

Very few figures in fashion have embodied the archetype of the talented and tortured artist like Yves Saint Laurent.

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Who Owns the Color Red?

by Alexander Cavaluzzo on January 9, 2012

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Can a person own a color? Yves Klein may say yes, but Yves Saint Laurent begs to differ.

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Post image for 10 Fashion Museums to Visit Before You Die

Editors note: We reached out to Hyperallergic’s fashion contributor Alexander Cavaluzzo to tell us the top ten must-see fashion museums around the world. Here are his picks.

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Post image for Tribeca Film Fest Special: In Saint Laurent Film, Opposites Attract

When fashion impresario Yves Saint Laurent was once asked to name his favorite poet, he paused for a moment, smiled and spoke Pierre Bergé’s name in a soft tone. This “poet” was the designer’s devoted companion for over fifty years. He was also the impresario that ran the logistics of the Yves St. Laurent Couture House from day one in 1961 until its final bow in 2002. But his was probably his knack for finding the right word at the right time that enabled both their business and romance to last.

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