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Weekend Words: Crawl

by Weekend Editors on November 23, 2014

Fra Angelico,

On Thursday, amNewYork reported that the annual SantaCon charity bar crawl will not be heading for Bushwick this year.

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Trevor Winkfield,

While visiting Philadelphia a number of years ago, the poet and critic Wayne Koestenbaum asked me “Is Trevor Winkfield a real person?”

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Gladys Nilsson’s Portraits of Everywoman

by John Yau on November 23, 2014

Gladys Nilsson,

There is something wonderfully incongruous and deeply disquieting about Gladys Nilsson’s art, which is primarily done in the medium of watercolor.

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Taylor Swift, Picture-Perfect

by Lucas Fagen on November 22, 2014

Post image for Taylor Swift, Picture-Perfect

Taylor Swift has become a megaplatinum superstar largely through the construction of an artificial but rather appealing character. To call her the girl next door would downplay the dizzy self-involvement and feisty autonomy that made her a star in the first place.

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Melvin Edwards,

Melvin Edwards’ welded relief sculptures conjure up human anguish and human advancement often within the same work. His art delivers the mythmaking spirit of abstract sculpture into the domain of identifiable histories. He has built a long, wide-ranging career around that apparent incongruity.

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Ursula von Rydingsvard, “Bent Lace” (2014)

In a video produced by Art 21, Ursula von Rydingsvard recalls her childhood in refugee camps after World War II, living in barracks made of “raw wooden floors, raw wooden walls, and raw wooden ceilings.” Her current show at Galerie Lelong, Permeated Shield, is the first solo of her long career with a title that alludes at least indirectly to warfare.

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Required Reading

by Hrag Vartanian on November 16, 2014

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This week, net neutrality, photographic muzak, naïve techno-utopianism, Frank Lloyd Wright’s photographer, professional video game player superstars, crappy design, and more.

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Weekend Words: Little

by Weekend Editors on November 16, 2014

Pieter Bruegel the Elder,

A week after he was declared a lame duck, President Obama signed an unprecedented climate pact with China. But is it too little too late?

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Post image for Some Thoughts About Richard Serra and Martin Puryear (Part 2: Puryear)

Like Serra, Puryear went to Yale’s famed M.F.A. program (1969-71), but he attended five years after Serra had graduated. In fact, Serra and Robert Morris were visiting artists while he was a student there.

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Richard Serra, “Inside Out” (exterior view) (2013)

It is easy to forget that Richard Serra (b.1939) and Martin Puryear (b.1941) were born only two years apart. The different relationships that they developed toward craft and materials makes it all too easy to overlook that they are nearly contemporaries.

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