Spearheaded by John Yau, Thomas Micchelli, and Albert Mobilio

Richard Serra, “Inside Out” (exterior view) (2013)

It is easy to forget that Richard Serra (b.1939) and Martin Puryear (b.1941) were born only two years apart. The different relationships that they developed toward craft and materials makes it all too easy to overlook that they are nearly contemporaries.

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Beer with a Painter: Rebecca Morris

by Jennifer Samet on November 15, 2014

Installation view, “Rebecca Morris: Fantastic L.A.

I heard Rebecca Morris speak earlier this year in Chicago, and was struck by how she discussed becoming an abstractionist at a time when both abstraction and painting were under attack.

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Installation view of

TOKYO — Robert Waters is a 40-year-old Canadian conceptual artist who was born and brought up near Toronto. Later he lived in Mexico City, where he explored the rituals, beliefs and symbols associated with colonial and post-colonial Mexico’s variety of Roman Catholicism.

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Hans Haacke, installation view: foreground, “Together” (1969-2013)

David H. Koch, the left’s favorite low-hanging fruit, is the subject of Hans Haacke’s latest jeremiad on the state of institutional culture, an installation called “The Business Behind Art Knows the Art of the Koch Brothers” (2014), which takes aim at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newly unveiled and much-pilloried David H. Koch Plaza.

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Required Reading

by Hrag Vartanian on November 9, 2014

Post image for Required Reading

This week, the case against repatriating cultural artifacts, British surrealists against fascism, Ai Weiwei on the internet, Isamu Noguchi’s playground, and more.

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Weekend Words: Lame

by Weekend Editors on November 9, 2014

Leonardo da Vinci,

It’s the second weekend of November, and President Obama is officially a lame duck.

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Dozier Bell,

In a statement about her life and work written a few years back, Dozier Bell started off by highlighting her roots in Maine, which stretch back seven generations, and the role they play in the way she perceives the world.

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Why I Am a Member of the Lee Harwood Fan Club

by John Yau on November 9, 2014

Post image for Why I Am a Member of the Lee Harwood Fan Club

Mark Ford’s blurb on the back of Lee Harwood’s most recent book of poetry, The Orchid Boat (London, Enitharmon, 2014), inspired me to look up the original review from which it was quoted.

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Maria Lassnig in New York, 1968–1980

by Joyce Kozloff on November 8, 2014

Maria Lassnig,

In this century, the Museum of Modern Art has presented a series of exhibitions of women artists from other countries: Lygia Clark, Isa Genzken, Alina Szapocznikow, Sanja Ivekovic, Marina Abramovic, Marlene Dumas, Pipilotti Rist, Lucy McKenzie. But very often, the accompanying texts place them in an artistic context comprised solely of their husbands, boyfriends and guy colleagues — as if their acclaim had separated them from their female peers.

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Susan Te Kahurangi King,

Very few creations are as hard to pin down as those produced by the most original self-taught artists, who primarily make their art for themselves rather than for the market or the public.

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