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Weekend Words: Tip

by Weekend Editors on May 15, 2016

Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste Raguenet,

“Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”

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Post image for Reader’s Diary: Kristin Ross’s ‘May ’68 and Its Afterlives’

Some thought the Arab Spring could not have happened without social media. But the necessity makes the means and not vice versa. May ’68 didn’t need Facebook. They had transistor radios.

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Post image for End of the Road: Matt Bollinger at Zürcher Gallery

In his third and best exhibition, Matt Bollinger: Independence, MO, at Zürcher Gallery, the artist continues to remember and invent aspects of his youth, family and friends, while growing up in and around Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City.

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Post image for Sexual Abstraction: Judy Ledgerwood’s Recent Paintings

If, as Amy Sillman has said, “The elephant in the room is sex,” Judy Ledgerwood’s paintings ask the viewer: What exactly do you think you are looking at?

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Hanne Darboven: Repetition

by Cynthia Cruz on May 14, 2016

Post image for Hanne Darboven: Repetition

Hanne Darboven, though considered a visual artist, considered herself, first and foremost, a writer.

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Post image for Class Plus Sass: Bunny Rogers’ ‘Columbine Cafeteria’

Is art just war conducted by other means?

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Post image for Peace Beyond Words: ‘Tower of Babel’ at Schema Projects

The curatorial focus emphasizes the Genesis story’s foundational position in the mythology of language. This is fitting for an exhibition that brings together artists whose diverse languages — and even alphabets — represent countries well-steeped in the history of making language visible.

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Post image for Paintings from Big Pink: Michael Gallagher’s ‘Hallucination Engine’

PHILADELPHIA – A few months back, in a review of Jan Baltzell’s paintings, I discussed the slippage between representation and abstraction. In one painting, I thought I saw a thumb, and in another I was convinced George Washington’s head was hovering in the upper right corner. This was content the artist didn’t intend.

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Post image for Blueprint for Counter Education: Republished and Still Daring After All These Years

In the United States today, education, especially in its public forms, paid for by taxpayers, is frequently the most contentious subject on the agendas of politicians, pundits, public-policy researchers, private-foundation funders, controversy-loving TV talking heads, pedagogical “experts” and, of course, teachers, parents and students.

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Post image for Lessons in Gigantism: Richard Serra Makes It Work

And then there’s Richard Serra, whose double-gallery blowout at Gagosian is Exhibit A for material-intensity-meets-overwhelming-scale. There’s nothing else like it.

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