Why would a contemporary art museum launch a web comedy series? Well … why not, I guess? On its YouTube channel, MOCAtv, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art is premiering a new show called Ambiance Man, created by writer, director, and photographer Alix Lambert. It stars Fred Armisen as the title character, a long-haired, frock-wearing superhero who aims to improve unpleasant situations. As the YouTube description says: “While most super heroes [sic] are focused on preventing the end of the world, Ambiance Man is focused on transforming the moments that feel like the end of the world.”

According to the LA Times, the series will also star “Jack Black as uber villain Unidentifiable Odor and performance artist Jibz Cameron, a.k.a., Dynasty Handbag, as the dour Buzz Kill.” They add that Ambiance Man is part of a new Art and Comedy initiative on MOCAtv.

Presented here, without comment, are a Masterpiece Theater–style introductory video detailing the upbringing of Ambiance Man (above) and the first episode, in two parts. Enjoy.

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