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Klein Artist Works experts include Nick Cave, Alice Aycock, Simon de Pury, Jerry Saltz, 
Michelle Grabner, Eric Fischl, Jessica Stockholder, and Theaster Gates.

Klein Artist Works is an online course which demystifies the art world and equips visual artists with the practical tools needed to pursue and achieve successful art careers.

Through a series of live webinars hosted over the course of twelve weeks, artists gain comprehensive information about how to navigate the unique challenges and realities of the art world. Twenty-five experts — among them curators, dealers, accomplished artists, art publicists, art consultants, accountants, lawyers, and more — lend their expertise during dynamic sessions that offer personal attention and foster meaningful connections.

Klein Artist Works synthesizes the practicality of business skills with the value of knowledge-sharing and dynamic artist communities. Strategy, self-promotion, marketing one’s work, finding gallery representation, securing commissions, and pursuing previously unexplored opportunities are some of the valuable topics covered.

Want to know how to get gallery representation? Wondering how to win a commission? Know how to get — and hold — a collector’s attention? Want regular income by working with art consultants? Get all the answers!  Introduce yourself to the experts and ask them, face-to-face.

One-on-one sessions and group discussions, as well as online and in-person studio visits, create an enriching experience tailored to the individual path of each participant. The course is offered three times a year, in February, June, and September, with the next one commencing Monday February 3rd.

Beyond the live webinars, there are over 150 previously recorded webinars that are yours free, when you sign up. Like the live sessions, they are jam-packed with valuable information from outstanding experts.

Paul Klein is the creator of Klein Artist Works, and a a SupporTED mentor for TED Fellows, a contributor to Huffington Post, and the creator of ArtLetter. A longtime art advocate and active participant in the Chicago arts community, he has established valuable relationships with numerous artists, collectors, and civic leaders over the past 20 years. In 2006 Klein’s long-time contributions were acknowledged by the Chicago Society of Artists when he was selected as their Man of the Year.

Check out the Klein Artist Works site for more information and to sign up for the Free Introductory Webinar.

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