We received tons of entries but, sadly, there are only six prizes. So, after the contest deadline passed on Friday, we finalized the winners in our “William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible” contest and today we award three people with exclusive tickets to attend the Art21 hosted premiere Monday, October 18 at the Museum of Modern Art while three others will receive a free DVD copy of the flick. For those of you who may not know, the feature-length film tells the story of the world-renowned South African artist William Kentridge.

To learn more about the film, which premieres October 21 at 10pm EST on PBS , visit art21.org/anythingispossible.

The winners of the tickets (in the order that they were drawn) are Amber King, Julio Parra, and Shannon Dugan.

And the following individuals will receive a free DVD, which will ship at the end of October, Beth Slutzky, Caroline Dumalin, and Alana Palermo.

Congratulations, everyone. U HAZ WON!

Original photo via flickr.com/manannan_alias_fanch

Veken Gueyikian

Veken Gueyikian is publisher of Hyperallergic.