The finalists in the first-ever Hyperallergic T-shirt Contest. (click to enlarge)

Thank you to everyone who entered the Hyperallergic T-shirt Contest, but now is the moment of true as we open up voting for your favorite t-shirt design that will appear on the first-ever Hyperallergic t-shirt.

We’ve selected four finalists, posted their designs, their brief explanations, and now it’s your turn to look, read, and vote (everyone is allowed to vote once a day) … now, do your thing!

#1 — Duncan Alexander

This design does its best to provide snarky commentary on art consumption in light of contemporary viewing practices. A white t-shirt evokes gallery walls in a world where everyone is a curator. [Editor’s note: we really like how he tied it into a theme that we explored on the blogazine and tumblelog a few weeks ago and using a riff off our Hyperallergic logo is really clever.]

#2 — Nathalie Chikhi

Hyperallergic brings art news; speaks about art with a fresh new vision. Watching from below the staircases is my own perception of Hyperallergic spirit. [Editor’s note: we love the interpretation of Hyperallergic spirit.]

#3 — Sam Dakota Miller

If there is one thing that the Art World needs more of it’s less apathy and more sex. Well I guess that’s two things, but who cares. [Editor’s note: snarky award for this explanation.]

#4 — Aslihan Ozdemir

This collage is from a series of work I call “Refukt.” It was composed in London in 2009. The name “Refükt,” is constructed simply by writing down the alphabet and picking out letters randomly. It doesn’t mean anything, it is only a symbol for the randomness of the form and concept of the work. The individuals in an entity, the surroundings they couldn’t detach from and an unfolding story of existence would summerly define these collage. [Editor’s note: we think the design is very eye catching.]

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We also wanted to highlight some of the notable honorable mentions from the contest, so we picked three by Devin Kenny, Giovanni Garcia-Fenech, and Scott Chasse (though I think Garcia-Fenech knew there would be a copyright issue with his Darth Vader image … but good try regardless).

Left to right, design submitted by Devin Kenny, Giovanni Garcia-Fenech, and Scott Chasse.

Thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned until Thursday, October 21 at 9am when we announce the winner.

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  1. Oh, I really like the darth vadar design. Can’t we vote for our friends? it’s just like the rest of the art world!

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