Reconfiguring Site is a two-week immersive residency program focused on pioneering interdisciplinary trends within the worlds of art and architecture. In response to the increasing commercialization of the art world, many artists are beginning to reconsider their roles in society and seek out opportunities beyond the traditional setting of commercial galleries. By working with architects and urban planners, artists are now creating compelling artworks that have the ability to engage the public and serve as catalysts for social change.

In acknowledgement of the increasing threat of global warming, this summer’s residency will focus on “The Waterfront.” Art and architecture serve integral functions in the redevelopment of waterfront areas that have been affected by climate change. Residents will be encouraged to develop professional proposals that engage a New York City–based waterfront site under the guidance of faculty members and guest lecturers.

The accomplished international faculty of this residency has attracted former residents from all over the world. The diversity of the staff and residents provides a unique opportunity for participants to see public art in a global context and learn about art programs, initiatives, and opportunities available around the world.

The program consists of daily guest lectures from various public art administrators, artists, and curators. Residents will leave the residency with tools to execute exceptional, thoughtful public artwork that is both appropriate for and related to their work site.

A portfolio is required for review and acceptance to this program. For further information, visit

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