Left, Ugo Rondinone’s outdoor art work having a panic attack, right, Isa Genzken’s “Rose II” (2008) expressing elation. (images via Eric Nakamura’s blog & designboom.com)

A little birdie told us at Hyperallergic HQ that this may be your last chance to see Ugo Rondinone’s  “Hell,Yes” (2001) on the exterior of the New Museum, as it is slated to be removed from its perch on the facade. The same little birdie told us that Isa Genzken’s 30 foot (8 meter) tall “Rose” sculpture will replace the Rondinone work.

Made of stainless steel, aluminium, and lacquer, “Rose” has been extensively exhibited, including at Art Basel 2008 (more photos here) and it was sold at the time, according to Artnet, for €750,000 to a private collector.

You may also be interested to know that Genzken is Gerhard Richter’s ex-wife, and she is represented in New York by David Zwirner.

What do we think of the newest addition to the Bowery? We’ll let you know after it’s installed in early November.

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  1. Why bother replacing a part of the facade?? The museum is awful- actually awful is an understatement. If you consider exhibits that are far beyond anything even considered modern and enjoy half a museum that’s constantly under construction, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, donating your entrance fee to anything else would be better spent.

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