We at Hyperallergic know it’s close to Halloween because of all the articles giving us last minute costume ideas! Now, a slutty viking or a faux-Gaga meat dress might be fine if you’re just going to some random Halloween party with a bunch of normal people. But what if you’re going to that special Halloween benefit at MoMA? Or trick or treating up and down Chelsea? Here are a few costume ideas that will get you street cred in the art world.

Paul McCarthy

Costume: Santa Claus

Image from halloweencostumes.net

Inspiration: Just add butt plug

Paul McCarthy, “Santa Claus with a Butt-Plug” (2007)

Vincent Van Gogh

Costume: Ear

Image from flavorwire.com

Inspiration: He didn’t cut you off, you escaped

Vincent van Gogh, “Portrait of the artiste sans barbe” (1889) (image from artnet.com)

Wayne Thiebaud

Costume: Cupcakes

Image from tensionnot.com

Inspiration: Delicious

Wayne Thiebaud, “Four Cupcakes” (1971) (image from artnet.com)

Arne Jacobson

Costume: Egg

Image from foodnetwork.com

Inspiration: The Egg Chair (the subtlety will make you even cooler)

Arne Jacobson’s “Egg Chair” (image from wikipedia.org)

Yayoi Kusama

Costume: Pumpkin

Image from costumecraze.com

Inspiration: Paint a bunch of polka-dots…

Damien Hirst

Costume: Shark

Image from costume-shop.com

Inspiration: What is it thinking about in there?

Damian Hirst “The Physical Impossibility of Death” (1991) (image from artfagcity.com)

Slutty Jeff Koons

Inspiration: We leave this one up to you.

Jeff Koons’ “Made in Heaven” suite, installation shot (image from tate.org.uk)

Kyle Chayka

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