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Marina Abramovic phoning in to a Hans Ulrich Obrist book reading (photo by HV)

On Tumblr

Responding to our piece on a Hans Ulrich Obrist reading, Claudine Ise writes on her tumblelog,

This piece … offers a really funny and authentic view of what it feels like to be in the audience of an event staged by Mr. Hans Ulrich Obrist. I’m glad someone is coming out and at least hinting at the parodic discursive excesses of this guy and his Deiter-like shenanigans.

Even though Hans Ulrich Obrist’s (or HUO, as his robot friends call him) interviews and conversations have taken on a near-mythic status, we are very content to puncture the hot air. Marina Abramović in glasses on the other hand, we can’t complain, that’s just hottt.

Our quick report on Julie Torres’s apartment exhibition drew a lot of attention as well. Sidecargallery liked that the trend was “finally catching on,” and noremor5e took it one step further:

if I get into school…dorm I’m gonna do this \m/

Spread the apartment show gospel! \m/

On Facebook

Our introduction to the conflicts surrounding the cuts in UK arts funding attracted some attention on Facebook from Filipa Padre, who notes that we were a little late to the punch on the whole issue:

Cheers for noticing what’s going on, in the UK … better late, then never ( Not that ppl have been quiet about it )

The arts funding cuts are a huge issue, and we should have covered it earlier, but even the idea of such massive government funding is so foreign in the US that it’s hard to totally understand the situation over there. Stephanie Theodore also writes on the post’s comment thread,

It’s called an austerity budget. and the less well-off of society are getting hit really badly. we’re talking the potential for Dickensian poverty, given the housing and welfare cutbacks in the social safety net. The arts are pretty low down in the government’s priority. Every aspect of UK society and culture supported by government funds is going to suffer.

sorry, this is an arts blog. I know no one cares about the rest of it. but that’s the problem in a nutshell.

The non-art world is clearly going to suffer as a result of widespread cuts as well. I particularly hope that the restructuring (rather than just drawdown) of funding doesn’t result in some organizations getting left out in the cold.

On Twitter

Be a Hirst shark for Halloween, though don’t you really need the formaldehyde?

@ARTnewsmag requested a Damien Hirst costume to go with our Art World Halloween post, and we totally stepped up.

@heavybubble adds on to our Picasso at 129 piece, asking the vital question: “What would his art look like now?” I predict cubist Photoshop filters.

Artist William Powhida chimed in about our “WTF Is… Superflat” post today and responded:

Can I give my own definitions? Please? Superflat = marketing term for Murakami

Point taken.

And that’s another week of Hyperallergic. Tune in next week for more art world news, not-art world news, apartment exhibitions, artist pranks, and badly photoshopped images.

Happy Halloween!

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