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In 2005, ArtPalestine International was formed to promote Palestinian artists in the US, offering them a visible, public platform through exhibitions and programming. As a dispersed and dislocated population, Palestinians navigate myriad challenges, whether it’s deep restrictions on mobility and uncertainty about statehood in the West Bank and Gaza or finding cultural identity in the diaspora.

How Green Was My Valley, an exhibition presented by ArtPalestine International and Whitebox Art Center, highlights the experience of a new generation of Palestinian artists.  Engaging international shifts that have merged contemporary art practices with eco-activism, urbanism, documentary filmmaking, and archival methods, How Green Was My Valley brings together 15 Palestinian artists from the West Bank, Gaza, Israel, and the diaspora for the first time in New York, documenting personal narratives from across the globe.

This video includes multi-segment interviews and narration by Mary Evangelista, director of ArtPalestine International and curator of How Green Was My Valley; Michael Connor, editor/curator of Rhizome; Stephen David Ross, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Binghamton University; and new media artist Haitham Ennasr.

ArtPalestine International is a New York–based cultural organization that facilitates artistic exchange between Palestine and the US, representing artists through exhibitions and collaborations with museums, art spaces, and other nonprofits. How Green Was My Valley opens April 3 at Whitebox Art Center and runs through April 27, 2014.

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