In you’re in the ’Burg today or tomorrow, check out the fifth-ever annual vernacular printacular Brooklyn affordable print fair! Titled Prints Gone Wild! the event at Secret Project Robot Art Space offers amazing indie prints for $50 and under.

Organized by Brooklyn’s Cannonball Press, the fair includes Dirty Printmakers of America (Austin, TX), Wolfbat Studios (Brooklyn, NY), Sean Star Wars (Laurel, MS), Czentrifuga (Berlin, Germany), Evil Prints (St. Louis, MO), Yeehaw Industries (Knoxville, TN), Space 1026 (Philadelphia, PA), DRock Press (Lexington, KY), Justseeds (Brooklyn, NY), Kayrock (Brooklyn, NY), and The Amazing Hancock Bros. (Austin, TX).

The event will feature music by Tyrombous Rex and Family Trees.

What: Prints Gone Wild! Print Fair
Where: Secret Project Robot Art Space (210 Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Bklyn — map)
When: Friday, November 5 (6-12pm) & Saturday, November 6 (12-6pm)
Why: ’Cuz indie prints are awesome

via Just Seeds

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.