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Lauren Purje

Lauren Purje (b. 1987) grew up in Dublin, Ohio and graduated from Ohio University in 2009 with a BFA in Painting. She moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2011 where she currently lives and works. This series of comic...

6 replies on “Some People Just Don’t Get Art but That’s OK”

  1. my “highschool doodles” were all practice, I still doodle… I mean doodling is like the masturbation of art, it is by you, for you… and yet most artists will not admit to it.

  2. THIS should have been in this post: “Oh, you’re an artist? I have a painting, idk who it’s by, here’s a blurry picture of it. What’s it worth?” NOT WHAT I DO.

  3. Artists have it bad but… I was recently asked “oh, you’re studying anthropology?! So, you probably know why my dick is so huge. Is it because I’m tall or just because I’m black?”. Just. Leave me alone.

  4. “Oh. Well, you should meet my neighbor’s cousin’s kid– she does amazing art in crayon that will definitely be more relevant than *your meager eyefarts, and she’s twelve. Sorry to hijack the conversation to an abyss.”

  5. *this may also not be code for anything and can be taken at face value as “I don’t understand this thing but good on it for existing”.

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