As a preview to tonight’s #TheSocialGraph exhibition opening at Outpost (6-9pm) check out one of the pieces featured in the show, Space Slave Trade’s “Nuclear Tropics,” (2010) seen below:

Space Slave Trade, “Nuclear Tropics,” digital image (2010)

The version of the piece included in #TheSocialGraph is “Nuclear Tropics II: Escape from Bikini Peel,” a mixed media print from 2010. Space Slave Trade appropriates digital flourishes like pixelated abstraction, lo-fi .gif sparkles and the visual language of cel-shaded anime to present an exploded narrative of wandering in the expanses of the internet. The ecstatic digital noise is a cracked Baroque that relates as much to 4chan as Ryan Trecartin, taking in J-pop and afro-futurism along for the ride.

Space Slave Trade was banned from Facebook for posting in-progress images that violated the company’s SFW policy. Alienated from the network, the crew struck out on their own with (NSFW), a collaborative image board and blog that displays the raw material for future works.

The artists will be remixing Hyperallergic LABS tumblelog over the course of the exhibition. We’ll be announcing that event with a post later next week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Having looked at their blog… wow.. thats a hell of a lot of racism, dubious appropriation of sexual content, and co-opting of images and work of brown people.. which might all make sense if there was any explanation at all of who these people are and what this is all supposed to mean.

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