RT @markmackinnon: Dissident artist @aiww, freed from own house arrest, argues with police outside Wu Yuren trial http://twitpic.com/37i26l (via @AWWNeverSorry)

As per usual, Twitter is the best way to get information about Ai Weiwei and his continuing problems with Chinese authorities.

Today, the artist decided to attend the trial of “Little Ai” (aka Wu Yuren), which we wrote about on November 9.


Nothing seems to have been decided today and the wife of Wu Yuren was even denied access to the trial. It appears that they will convene in a few days. Some great pictures from Ai Weiwei’s visit to the courthouse and the general atmosphere here, here, here, and here.

Also, there was a live chat with the BBC that took place yesterday, but as a sign of the times the Ai Weiwei film’s twitterstream reminds us that “although I suppose you can reach him anytime via Twitter.”

For more news about the evolving case of Wu Yuren follow #WYR on Twitter.

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