For the second in his series of YouTube Essays, YouTube Archive + Anarchy, blogger and curator Brent Burket selects a mix of art and music, collecting YouTube music videos, amateur documentation of video art and performance pieces. Don’t miss feminist firecracker Karen Finley invading a Sinead O’Connor song, to disastrous and hilarious effect. Part 3 of the series will run on Saturday.

Katy Perry – California Girls

For some Will Cotton influence.

Kanye West – Runaway

on SNL. Kanye rides the Vanessa Beecroft train full-on.

The Cars – Hello Again.

One word: Andy. This is not in the list in the same order as I played it last night. I realized that there was a better place to end the second night. Trust me on this.

[Ed. Video doesn’t have embed permissions, click the title to check it out]

Ryan Adams – So Alive.

Doug Aitken in the house. Sometimes moments more successful than others. And check the “homage” to Christian Marclay in the middle of it all. See next video.

Christian Marclay – Guitar Drag.

Like I said, “an homage.” Bwaaaah! Continuing with a theme from last night. I love the hand-held video camera perspective on art. Maybe shot at PS1. Maybe not.

Doug Aitken – Sleepwalkers

Shot at MoMA. Another unofficial vid. But you can feel the cold, the quiet, and the whispering. In other words, not pro and totally interesting. Practically makes me tear up a bit.

Pipilotti Rist – Ever is Over All, 1997, Part 1.

Pipilotti Rist – Ever is Over All, 1997, Part 2.

Yellow Tears live at the Whitney.

Yellow Tears. Fuck. Yeah. Incredible performance that would be lost to time if it hadn’t been for an amateur videographer who captured this crew’s utterly transcendent performance. Plus, Jeremy pulls out some great moves. Fucking amazing. And thank you, YouTube.

Sinead O’Connor 12″ w/ Karen Finley rmx.

And speaking of lost things. Totally boring and mundane Sinead O’Connor song (Surprise!) is TOTALLY invaded by the insanely awesome and the awesomely insane Karen Finley about midway through. Hold onto your hats and undies, y’all. One more reason to love YouTube: VERY obscure 12″ remixes appearing. All hail the archive.

Karen Finley on Bill Maher

Features a special interruption. Maher used to love having Finley on as a guest. This is why. And all praises to the VCR button accident. Check out the perfect perfect perfect appearance of Opie and Andy Taylor and the always aproned Aunt Bee for 15 seconds in the middle of it all.

Bongwater – The Power of Pussy.

THIS is where I should have ended the night. Watch and see why. Note that this is the only video of all the videos that has an age restriction on it. Must be the army of cocks. Simply amazing. Ann Magnuson is a god. A big, bad pussy god.

BONUS TRACK: Bongwater and Sreamin Jay Hawkins.

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