F*#!k Graffiti

"Fuck" graffiti (photo by Daniel Lobo, via Flickr)
“Fuck” graffiti (photo by Daniel Lobo, via Flickr)

To me, there’s nothing better than walking around a city and exploring the graffiti and street art. There are always local styles, intricate forms of writing, and bold colors, and it’s a treat to unexpectedly stumble across a good piece. Street art and graffiti can be some of the most expressive and aggressive creative works.

Of course, graffiti can also be juvenile, prejudiced, and used to mark gang territory. There always seems to be a “fuck,” a dick drawing, or a racial slur slur around.

FUCKGraffitiLARGESo, as with many things in life, I made an animated GIF to help cope: a collection of over 50 “fuck” tags that will hopefully help us all laugh at this uninspired graffiti epidemic. Not surprisingly, in collecting these images I found many F-words accompanied by “cops” or “the police.” But my favorite phrase is “Fuck graffiti,” of which there were several. Meta-graffiti as self-hate — who knew?

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