Learn from Over 150 Art World Experts with Klein Artist Works, Free Intro Webinar June 9

Klien Artist Works
Klein Artist Works Experts Nick Cave, Monique Meloche, Eric Fischl, Michelle Grabner, Jessica Stockholder, Adrienne Outlaw, Akio Aoki, Pergrine Honig and Tony Tasset.

What’s the distance between where your art career is and where you want it to be? Can you visualize getting there? Would 150 art experts sharing what worked for them and offering their advice make a huge difference?

Klein Artist Works puts the experts right in the room with you! This live webinar course connects working artists with the authorities who have advice to give and stories to tell, with an emphasis on career advancement.

During the 12-week online course, participants meet with a range of art world professionals: gallery owners, critics, collectors, museum directors, art consultants, academics, and international artists. These specialists share what they’ve learned while working in the art world, providing candid answers to difficult questions. The best guidance comes from those who have been there, and this is a chance to hear from the top.

Theaster Gates, Karen Atkinson, Michelle Grabner, Jerry Saltz, and Simon de Pury are just some of the more than 150 authorities who have visited Klein Artist Works in the past. When you sign up you’ll not only take part in the current session, but you’ll also receive access to the entire past library of webinars as well. Every artist has to face her own hurdles, but this collection provides an encyclopedic collection of precedent to rely on.

Klein Artist Works runs 3 times a year, in February, June, and September. The next session begins on Monday, June 9, with 2 hour-long sessions taking place every subsequent Monday through August 25. Besides access to the online collection, Paul Klein, the creator of the course, will provide participants with individual assistance on artist statements; feedback and recommendations on career direction; and an in-depth real and/or virtual studio visit.

Curious? Tune in to the introductory webinar on June 9 for a taste. No charge. No obligation.

Paul Klein is the former director of the Chicago-based gallery Klein Art Works (1973–2004), a SupporTED Mentor for TED Fellows, and a writer and critic for the Huffington Post and ArtLetter. The Chicago Society of Artists honored Klein as their 2006 Man of the Year in recognition of his longstanding dedication to and promotion of the arts.