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If you’re passionate about art and are interested in taking a course that is immersive, enriching and fits your personal schedule, then Sotheby’s Institute invites you to explore their range of 6-week online courses beginning 23 June, 2014. Taught by leading scholars and professionals in the field, online courses at Sotheby’s Institute focus on important art world topics, including art history, art business, contemporary art, and more.

Upcoming Online Courses

Art History

  • Introduction to Art History: Movements that Mattered
  • Giotto to Warhol: Understanding Painting’s Enduring Appeal

Contemporary Art

  • Introduction to Contemporary Art
  • Contemporary Chinese Art and Its Markets

Art Business

  • Art as a Global Business
  • Understanding Legal Concepts in the Art World

Art Writing

  • Writing for the Art World
  • Artist’s Writings: Developing a Writer’s Voice

6-week online courses begin June 23. Find out more at

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