A view of some SEMP throw-ups in Queens (via contortyourself on Flickr)

Graffiti writer Peter Podsiadlo, aka SEMP or @semp516 on Instagram, was arraigned on 23 felony counts of vandalism in Queens Criminal Court yesterday, reports the New York Post

The artist’s bragging on Instagram — the account has since been deleted — attracted the attention of the NYPD’s vandal squad, which had been monitoring the writer’s online activity after he was arrested back in March for possessing graffiti instruments.

A source told the Post that Podsiadlo is “one of the more prodigious taggers in the city … This guy was asking for it, advertising it so blatantly online.”

The newspaper reports that there’s been a 15% increase in graffiti-related complaints in New York this year, while graffiti-related arrests have jumped 11% in the same period.

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