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Kimye: the most “liked” photo ever on Instagram (via Kim Kardashian’s Instagram)

According to Kanye West, acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz is “like, scared of the idea of celebrity.”

The smack-talking rapper complained about the normally celebrity-loving photographer at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference today, claiming she bailed on shooting the Kimye wedding a mere 24 hours before the nuptials. It’s not clear if she offered a reason.

In his musical hit “Bound 2,” Kanye prosaically asks, “How you gonna be mad on vacation?” Leibovitz has now answered West’s previously existential question. The rapper says that Leibovitz’s flakiness forced him and Kim Kardashian to spend multiple days of their honeymoon editing their own wedding pictures to make them look like Leibovitz had indeed taken them. Which begs the question: how many Photoshop web tutorials did it  take Kimye to make the most “liked” photo ever on Instagram?

Alix Taylor is a former intern at Hyperallergic and a comparative literature major at Brown University. Her work has been published on BurnAway and her mother's fridge. Sometimes she tweets.

4 replies on “Photographer Annie Leibovitz Bailed on the Kimye Wedding”

  1. Annie Leibowitz…. Scared of celebrity?? RIIIIIGHT!~!
    Try she pulled the plug on condescending a-holes!! That works for me!

  2. Shouldn’t, you know, the actual photographer get credit for it? The one who took the photographs that “look like” Annie Leibovitz?

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