Kenny Scharf Blobs Take Over Bowery Wall

Kenny Scharf's mural on the Deitch/Hole Bowery Wall (image from

Kenny Scharf, druggy painter of 80s fame, has covered a Bowery wall with his psychedelic blobs. This isn’t just any wall, though. Previously curated by Deitch Gallery, now The Hole NYC, this wall originally played host a Keith Haring mural and has recently been the site of Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and, most recently, Barry McGee projects.

Accompanying a gallery show of Scharf’s works at The Hole, the mural is a dead-ringer for the artist’s 80s work. His blobby, cartoony stretched faces, cyclops, and bulbous noses are hallmarks of the artist’s work. Still, covering an entire wall, this mural looks pretty sweet. Check it out at the intersection of Bowery and Houston, while it lasts — these murals tend to come down without much notice.

Scharf’s mural looks pretty much complete in the November 30th photograph above, but there are two blank spaces still left. Will they be filled!? I’ll go check it out today and report back. In the meantime, check out these photos of the mural in progress and Scharf at work.

Animal New York has some more information, Arrested Motion comes through with the pictures, and EV Grieve goes during the day.

An earlier in-progress view of Scharf's mural (image from
Kenny Scharf's mural, in progress (image from
Kenny Scharf at work on the Bowery mural (image from
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