If you weren’t paranoid about the holidays before Thanksgiving, now they’re really coming up. Hanukkah and Christmas and everything else are JUST around the corner in December, and then New Years! OMG! So what are you picking up your loved ones this year? Being artsy as you all are, you probably want to support our city’s fine artists and institutions. To discover some cool art-related presents, I visited the Museum of Modern Art’s gift shop and design store in search of desirable objects. Here’s what I came up with.

Prices are included for easy reference, plus links to the goods in the MoMA store. The fun part is going in person though, so I suggest you make your way over to 54th street and peruse at your own leisure.

Falling Water LEGO Set – $100

All photos taken by author at MoMA

Admittedly, I was obsessed with Legos as a kid and still am. There are crates of them in the basement. Now my interest in art and my Lego fetish can come together! With a series of architectural landmarks as Lego sets, now the art world can have some fun too. This one is Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Falling Water.

Tube Vase – $60

This Tube Vase by Lauren van Wieringen is elegant and clean enough for any holiday table centerpiece. Plus I bet if you tried really hard you could take shots out of it.

Digits Magnets – $16

Fit for your fridge or counter, these digits magnets by Hlynur Vagn Atlason can communicate anything you may need to in the flexible, easy to read style of LCD displays everywhere. Retro!

Mimobot USB Flash Drives – $35

Need to get a gift for me, or possibly a teenage girl? These flashy flash drives make pretty much anyone look cool, plus they have that anime design vibe, and they’re cute. A+.

Fingerprint Cuff-links – $18

Know someone who’s in the middle of an identity crisis? Get these cuff-links for them and they’ll never forget who they are. Bonus points for crime-scene faking possibilities.

Cordctrl Cord Organizers – $12

Between iPhone chargers, headphone wires and USB devices, sometimes laptops get a little crowded with cords. Enter cordctrl, a little silicon device that wraps up your cords neat and tight. Comes in nice colors!

Conceal Bookshelf – $15

This bookshelf becomes invisible when stacked with books, the back cover of the first book concealing the lower shelf. Perfect for those minimalists in your life.

Chair Game – $20

Chair Game brings all the fun of Jenga to a much more interesting medium: furniture. Tiny plastic chairs stack up until a misplaced seat takes a tumble, bringing the tower down. Icono-plastic?

Echo-Touch Gloves – $30

iPhone addicts have trouble come wintertime. What to do with gloved hands that can’t operate touchscreens? Do you take off your gloves and freeze? Replace your digits with robotic appendages? No, just buy these gloves! The fingertips are touchscreen compatible, because we are all already cyborgs.

MoMA Travel Mug – $18

This is one classy travel thermos. Wouldn’t you want MoMA protecting your hands from the heat of your coffee? …Maybe not. I think it just looks cool.

Note Holder – $28

Likely used to hold business cards, I like imagine Tomoko Otaka’s device stuffed with random handwritten notes, a desk-bound bulletin board.

Pop-Up Christmas Cards – $17

If your apartment’s too small for a regular Christmas tree, or if you just like to send gifts in envelopes, these pop-up cards will do the trick. Awww, commercialization. That’s what the holidays are for! Now go buy stuff!

Kyle Chayka was senior editor at Hyperallergic. He is a cultural critic based in Brooklyn and has contributed to publications including ARTINFO, ARTnews, Modern Painters, LA Weekly,...