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The Continuing Fight to #FreeRenty

Over the last few years, Hyperallergic has reported on the continuing quest of Tamara Lanier to retrieve daguerreotypes of her ancestors Renty and Delia Taylor. In March 2019, Lanier filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts to obtain rights to photographs in the collection of Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, which were commissioned by…

Tschabalala Self Dramatizes the Struggle to See and Be Seen

“You can’t live in a house that’s built upon your back.” This is one of the more memorable phrases spoken by the scripted lovers of Tschabalala Self’s Sounding Board, what Performa describes in its promotional materials as an “experimental play.” That phrase, uttered by one romantic partner to the other, operates as guidance, warning, dictate,…

Steven Weinberg

A former Brooklyn artist who has since moved to the Catskills, you can visit his website ( or follow him on Twitter (@steven_draws)...

One reply on “Do Artists Need Silence?”

  1. What artists need most is something to blame for not making art. “…Can’t paint because the light is not “right.” …can’t paint because my stomach is growling from hunger (a very time honored and romantic excuse) …can’t paint when the rest of the house is in disarray or there are dishes to be done (I am often guilty of this one.)

    But, in truth, when you are actually in “the zone” nothing can distract you from making art. So the answer is “no.” We do not need silence to create more than we often need the excuse not to be creative. What we need are more ways to just get us into “the zone.” What are your techniques for that?

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