Murray Garrett, Marilyn Monroe at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre prior to the premiere of ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ (1953, printed later), archival pigment print, 14 x 14 in (image via Robert Berman Gallery)

This week Los Angeles seems to be all about performance and performativity. Among other events, a show of work by photographer Murray Garrett captures Hollywood royalty, the New Original Works Festival offers a sampling of avant-garde performance, multimedia collective Cross My Heart Hope to Die explores the space between rock show and performance art, and artist C.W. Moss reimagines Vito Acconci’s “Following Piece.”

 Feast of Burden

When: Thursday, July 24, 8pm
Where: Night Gallery (2276 E 16th St, Downtown)

Feast of Burden, a 12-part web series produced by MOCAtv, celebrates its two-year anniversary with a screening at Night Gallery. Filmed in Night Gallery co-owner Mieke Marple’s apartment, the series revolves around a dinner party that goes awry with a series of bizarre events involving rat poison, supernatural forces, a man who goes by the moniker “Big Tits,” and more. —CV

 New Original Works

When: Thursday–Saturday, July 24–26
Where: REDCAT (631 West 2nd Street, Downtown)

This weekend catch Program 1 of REDCAT’s annual summer performance festival. The Cal Arts–affiliated interdisciplinary arts center gives over the stage to fresh LA-made theater, dance, music, performance art, and every hybrid in between. Of the artists featured in this weekend’s programming, we’re especially excited for Rosana Gamson/World Wide’s project “Still.” The dance theater piece is inspired by oneirology and promises to be positively dreamy (ba-dum ching).

 Elad Lassry Signs Books

When: Thursday, July 24, 6pm
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (250 S Grand Ave, Downtown)

Join artist Elad Lassry this Thursday at MOCA to grab a signature on your copy of Mousse Publishing’s comprehensive look at his solo exhibition at the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan. The book features essays by Aram Moshayedi, curator at the Hammer Museum, and a conversation between the artist and Jorg Heiser, co-editor of Frieze magazine. Maybe we can expect some guest appearances?

Formento & Formento, "Mai I, Arashyama" (2013), archival pigment print (image via faheykleingallery.com)

Formento & Formento, “Mai I, Arashyama” (2013), archival pigment print (image via faheykleingallery.com)

 Japan Diaries

When: Opens Thursday, July 24
Where: Fahey/Klein Gallery (148 N La Brea Ave, Hancock Park)

Following a trip through Japan last year, photography duo Formento & Formento presents Japan Diaries, a new selection of highly stylized prints offering a glimpse into a world that hovers between fantasy and reality. The couple draws inspiration from myriad sources including theater, 1950s Japanese cinema, and Edo-period woodblock prints. The results are sleek, melancholic, and even sensual. —CV

 Cross My Heart Hope to Die

Work by Cross My Heart Hope to Die (image via subliminalprojects.com)

Work by Cross My Heart Hope to Die (image via subliminalprojects.com)

When: Opens Saturday, July 26, with performance 8–11 pm
Where: Subliminal Projects (1331 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park)

Multimedia collective Cross My Heart Hope to Die is a cross between an art collective and a band. Their first solo show, Vita E Morte (Latin for “life from death”), features a sound installation, music-video stills, and series of photographs that have been databent — which is, according to the press release:

a process where the context of the digital (visual) file is disregarded and it is instead analyzed as pure data. This data is then imported into an audio editor and the file is modified as if it was a song being edited. The file is then re-exported as raw data and an image editor is ‘tricked’ into opening it as if it was a photograph.

CMHHTD will also perform songs from a forthcoming EP on opening night. —CV

 Instagram Mini-Marathon with Hans Ulrich Obrist

When: Saturday, July 26, 7:30–10pm
Where: Million Dollar Theatre (307 S Broadway, Downtown)

ForYourArt is in the midst of a total web redesign. Their big reveal may not be the most exciting part of your week, but the event they’re hosting to celebrate definitely has the potential to be. The organization is hosting a “mini-marathon” that will bring participants from the fields of culture and technology to discuss Instagram and show select photos from their feeds. And, of course, star curator Hans Ulrich Obrist is presiding as moderator.

 Glamour and Glitz

When: Opens Saturday, July 26
Where: Robert Berman Gallery (2525 Michigan Avenue, Suite B7, Santa Monica)

From the 1940s–60s, photographer Murray Garrett captured the glitz and glam of Hollywood as well as figures of the American elite; Eleanor Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, and Elizabeth Taylor are only a handful of the subjects on whom he focused his lens. In this exhibition, Robert Berman Gallery digs into Garrett’s archives to presents a series of never-before-seen black-and-white photographs. —CV


When: Opens Saturday, July 26, with live project starting at 12pm
Where: Actual Size (741 New High Street, Chinatown)

This show is so #VitoAcconci. Inspired by that artist’s “Following Piece” (1969), in which Acconci followed strangers on the streets of New York, artist and writer C.W. Moss launches a project this weekend at Actual Size: he will follow individuals for periods of up to two hours while they go about their daily lives, in exchange for them “following” his social media accounts. The press release promises “fog machines, bull horns, rave lights, cool drinks, ltd. edition sports jerseys, fun times, explorations into the depths of social media manias, and mooooore!”

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