Improve Your Figure Drawing with a Free Online Class from Craftsy


Learn how to draw lifelike figures that jump off the page. Get lifetime access to the online Craftsy class “Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide” for free, and enjoy instruction from renowned artist Patricia Watwood in the comfort of your own home.

With step-by-step video lessons, you’ll master figure drawing as you learn classical techniques for rendering from live models. Progress from a simple block-in sketch to a gestural drawing to a polished piece with depth and dimension, while gaining hatching, shading and highlighting skills. And, as a bonus, you’ll even find out how to create custom toned papers to add a unique touch to your work.

See what Craftsy art students are saying about this class:

“Even in the first lesson, you get a great sense of the magic of drawing a dimensional form on a flat surface.” —Craftsy member SharonTN

“I am very impressed as to how easy the instructor made the contrast between light and shadow.” —Craftsy member Iris Neiser

Improve your figure drawing for free now.