Mural Too Controversial for LA’s MOCA? [UPDATED]

If you thought the march of street art into the American museum world was going to be easy, think again. As LA’s MOCA museum is gearing up for their much trumpeted Art in the Street exhibition that will take place next year and feature lots and lots of street art, yesterday the Museum that commissioned internationally renowned Italian street artist Blu to paint a mural on a nearby wall whitewashed the massive work within 24 hours.

The work, which depicted rows of coffins draped in US dollar bills, disappeared so quickly that people are wondering why.

GOOD Magazine asks, “Who’s to Blame for Erasing Blu’s MOCA Mural?“:

So what gives? Was the mural too politically charged for other members of the MOCA team? What would that mean for [Jeffrey] Deitch’s purported sea change? If a blanket anti-war (or anti-death industry?) statement is too controversial for MOCA, what can we look forward to this spring?

Los Angeles Downtown News did some digging and the usual suspects (a nearby Veterans administration facility and veteran organizations) are saying they didn’t complain to the museum. So far MOCA has been mum about the issue.

Unurth has the best photos of the mural and its cover up.

Image caption: Blu’s MOCA mural being whitewashed (via Unurth, image by Casey Caplowe, and used with permission)

Hat tip @vickiraisens

UPDATE: MOCA has sent out a response.

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