holy crap, that Phila house with the Haring mural is only $100k. Cheapest Haring ever! Gmap http://is.gd/ivH8W Listing: http://is.gd/ivHDIless than a minute ago via web

Sounds like a steal. According to antonellapavese.com:

The mural is titled “We the Youth” and was painted in 1987 in celebration of the bicentennial of the US Constitution; it was recently restored and the tiny garden in front of the mural was redesigned.

It appears this mural has been threatened for a while. I was surprised I couldn’t find it on the official Keith Haring site. CORRECTION: The Keith Haring Foundation has notified us that it is found on the site here.

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  1. You don’t normally have to pay property taxes on your art collection. Art collectors want an asset. That Haring is a liability.

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