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Hyperallergic is proud to announce that we’re the media partner for the 2014 Elastic City Walks Festival. If you’ve never heard of Elastic City, it’s an organization that commissions artists from all different fields — visual, dance, theater, etc. — to create participatory walks. The walks are basically a way of shaping experience, of breaking open your everyday routine to help you interact with the world differently. And so each Elastic City artist leads a small group of people through a space and a set of exercises built around an idea or a theme, and ideally you walk away with a new — or at least altered — perspective. Think performance art, but much more participatory.

The 2014 Elastic City Walks Festival, the organization’s first, will take place next month, beginning September 26 and running through October 7. Elastic City Founder Todd Shalom has lined up a fantastic group of artists to lead walks:

  • Karen Finley
  • Anthony Goicolea
  • Michel Groisman
  • Nisan Haymian
  • Amichai Lau-Lavie and Shawn Shafner
  • Kristin Geneve Young
  • Shalom himself, collaborating with Sarah Schulman and Niegel Smith

And best of all — the walks are free!

(via elastic-city.org)
(via elastic-city.org)

That also means spots are filling up quickly, but as a media partner we have two pairs of tickets to give away to two different walks: Karen Finley’s “Mandala: Reimagining Columbus Circle,” which will ask participants to “think of Columbus Circle as a mandala … all under the mantel of the Columbus monument, a symbol of conquest” and take place on Saturday, Sept 27, at 3pm; and Anthony Goicolea’s “Dark Hour/Light Moment,” in which Goicolea “will stage the group for the camera, as we play with light in the dark of the woods,” happening Saturday, Oct 4, 6:30pm.

Fill out the form below to be entered to win tickets, or visit the Elastic City website to sign up for other available walks. You can also find more information there about the fall festival, which includes a series of free talks (full disclosure: I’m part of one) exploring walking as an art form.

To enter to win a pair of tickets to either Karen Finley’s or Anthony Goicolea’s walk, just subscribe to the Hyperallergic Newsletter through the form below.

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