Win an Online Class in Linear Perspective with Craftsy


During the 15th century, the preeminent architect and engineer of the Italian Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi, described the principles of linear perspective. In the centuries since, perspective techniques have guided artists in creating two-dimensional works of art that capture the three-dimensional world with awe-inspiring fidelity and depth.

For today’s artist, the awesome power of perspective techniques is more accessible than ever before. In his online Craftsy class The Art & Science of Perspective, artist and architectural illustrator Jeff DiCicco helps students unlock the ability to depict scenes as they appear in the world around us.

In DiCicco’s class, you’ll begin by harnessing one-point perspective. Create a grid system to arrange three-dimensional shapes and architecture in illusionistic space. Learn to draw geometric shapes such as cubes, ellipses, and cylinders in lifelike perspective. Use vanishing points to build precise interior and exterior drawings. Take precise measurements to tie your vertical lines into your vanishing point lines for clean, accurate depictions in perspective.

Start looking at the world in a new way as you discover how to apply two-point perspective to create the illusion of seeing two sides of a building or object. And throughout class, you’ll explore a variety of valuable exercises to help you practice drawing with perspective that’s anything but flat.

Enter for your chance to win lifetime access to The Art & Science of Perspective, and achieve a convincing sense of dimension in every scene you draw.

Two winners will be randomly selected on September 10, 2014, at midnight MT.