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8 replies on “A Question Artists Hate”

  1. Not just Koons…retirees with money in the bank take up art and do it full time…I know because alot of them are my students …hard not to be resentful at times when I’m struggling artistically and financially but helping them along at the same time in their leisurely lifestyle of art and travel. But I understand why they do it of course and respect them for it ..I don’t like feeling this way but can’t help it at times.

    1. I think that modicum of resentment is completely understandable and natural. it’s hard not feeling a bit embittered when I talk to friends claiming to be “professional artists” who are essentially supported by their spouses. About 1/3-1/2 of my income comes as art sales (depending on the year) and the time I have to spend earning the other 1/2-2/3rds keeps me out of the studio far too often. Anyone who who gets to spend unfettered time on their artwork without concern of financial matters is bound to stir a bit of pique.

    2. Totally get this. I am constantly confused why people who suddenly decide to “be an artist” don’t understand why galleries and curators are not choosing them over those artists who have spent years and thousands of dollars in art school as a first career.

  2. You know so much of this discussion seems to be based around ego and really an avoidance of the main thrust of any artist making a living in the art -market today …..”work “…really hard…focused….work…….not expectancy ..or entitlement …..not resentment or ..”oh God I had such a grey day yesterday”…couldn’t get anything done . I think , perhaps , if the tablets and the networking and the discussions and the “scream my fabulousness from the mountaintops “were compromised for just an hour or a morning or an afternoon , many beautiful gestures would be created ,art and imagination manifested in medium , craft honed and messages relayed , the art-world would be a better place…everybody wants to be FAMOUS ……get over it!

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