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Nothing quite says “copyright” like this. (via Eric Doeringer’s Etsy shop)

Nothing quite says “fuck you” to copyright like a Mickey Mouse–meets–Richard Prince T-shirt. Whether at the gym, walking your ferret, sitting in first class on your way to Dubai, or ignoring that homeless person in front of Starbucks, this T-shirt is sure to defend you from any transgression or court case with a shield of irony.

Master-of-the-meta-copy artist Eric Doeringer was browsing the Gagosian shop on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue and spotted Richard Prince’s taunting Canal Zone T-shirt on sale.

“While I generally support Prince’s right to use Cariou’s photos in his art, to use one on a T-shirt seemed more questionable,” he says.

The best part was his next logical thought: “Could you put a guitar and some painted ovals over anything and call it fair use?”

Good question. Is “put a guitar on it” the new “put a bird on it“?

And just in case you were wondering, mugs are also available.

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Hrag Vartanian

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