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Exterior of the zine universe (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

The New York Art Book Fair is an open terrain, an annual zone that allows for a wide degree of experimentation. I especially wanted to take a thorough look at the zine tent this year, presented as XE(ROX) & PAPERS + SCISSORS, and spin in the blooming meadow like Julie Andrews. The tent included approximately 90 zinesters, artists, and small presses; the serpentine array of booths affirmed the democratic multiple is alive and well. The tables nearly overflowed with topics, themes, and persuasions — both local and distant, with more Brooklyn participation than anticipated. Complaints were few, and there was certainly something for everyone. Below are the favorites I couldn’t help pick up (and maybe one or two I regretted passing on).

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Interior shot. This image depicts only half of the participating tables

FAQNP‘s A Queer Nerd Publication (Issue 5)

Typography: from Issue 06 of FAQNP

This intro page for the article by Pink Mince publisher Dan Rhatigan on the graphic design and typography of gay pornography, removing all color and photographic images from the covers, sold me.

DUM DUM Zine Issue No. 4: LOST AND BOUND; text: “My Big Red Hot American Wet Dream or Whatever I Did With My Summer,” by Ian Dick Jones

The merger between science-fiction and artistic questions is a fruitful one, and as weird as it is satisfying. This book not only includes speculative writing and drawings about a future sexuality on a planet the Kepler may discover, but also has a DVD with short films further expanding upon the topic.

Trapper Keeper, Issue 1, published by Panayiotis Terzis/Mega Press in multi-color Risograph. Ed of 200.

Yet another sci-fi dystopia with words and images. This is a trippy one, and a beauty as far as printing quality and all those full-bleed images.

Taints and Sinners by Matt Crabe

Matt had an insane amount of options at his table, predominantly his work. The universe he creates really breathes. Let it be known, most of his work is much more pornographic than the images displayed here but don’t let that deter you.

Being Poor Is a Bore by Taylor Tohasu

Being Poor Is a Bore was self-deprecating and rambunctious and I liked it. The green and purple offset really brought it home.

Meatcutter by Leander Johnson, 2014 for 12 ‘Zines Issue One, bound by hand. Edition of 100.

These are photographs of the meat cutters of Eastern Market, Detroit. The gloss of the paper is really stellar.

“Translated From English to American” series by Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, published by Social Malpractice Publishing

Just … well played.

Solar Power by Jason Rusnock (2014)

Dream Team by Andrew Villacin (2012), pen and Ink illustrations of the 1992 USA Basketball Team.

Yves Klein / Tobias Funke by Chris Nosenzo

The NY Art Book Fair, of which Hyperallergic was a media sponsor, took place at MoMA PS1 (22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens) Thursday, September 25 through Sunday, September 28.

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