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Christmas blues got you down? Still not home for the holidays? A little SAD? Well, have I got the solution for you. Check out a hot fresh batch of links for the lead-up to Christmas and all that other stuff, sure to delight, entertain, educate and amaze. Plus, I guarantee that there is no Wojnarowicz or Blu content to be found in this post. Above, in light of the time of year, I’ve switched out Natalie Jeremijenko’s upside-down trees at Mass MoCA for Christmas evergreens. How festive!

  • Over at the New York Times, a crew of art critics give you their picks for art books of the year. Need a last minute present? This one might be a lifesaver.
  • At Artinfo, Ann Landi checks out Cheryl Brutvan and Charles Stainback’s attempt to track Miami Basel 2010’s art trends in an exhibition.
  • Courtesy of Tyler Green, LACMA has an informative post on racy holidays stockings through time. You never know what’s hiding underneath a petticoat.
  • At the Awl, Choire Sicha rants about Hockney’s iPad paintings and their attendant Paris exhibition, but admits that he finds the artist pretty awesome anyway.
  • Best holiday gift: Chicago comic artist Lucy Knisley explains entire Harry Potter books in single posters, leading to hilariously simplified versions of the stories.
  • Here are some modernist takes on gingerbread houses from Trendhunter. Someone must be working on Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame du Haut, right?
  • The New York Times has a look at new electronics designed to look like retro throwbacks. This is kind of steampunk, but I guess that whole thing has lost its shock value. Brass-covered, gear driven iPads anyone?
  • In Beijing, strolling couples often wear matching t-shirts that come in pairs. Neocha Edge has a well-designed update that actually doesn’t look stupid.
  • The New York Observer profiles 20-whatever year old Vito Schnabel, spawn of painter Julian and a young art world impresario douchebag snotty rich kid.
  • Tyler Green‘s awesome animated art Advent calendar is ticking down to Christmas! Check out the collection of old masters and modernists that have already been revealed.
  • Over at Paper Monument, Dushko Petrovich has a pithy-as-fuck collection of recent exhibition reviews from his recent journey to Mass MoCA. Nothing on the trees, though.
  • Nick Paumgarten cynically trashes is enormously ambivalent about Nintendo’s creative mastermind and artist of the century Shigeru Miyamoto in this New Yorker profile. He fails to represent the auteur’s significance and originality. Dude, grow a soul!
  • In other video game news, interactive auteurs That Game Company have a new game in development, called Journey. The trailer is beautiful.
  • Carolina Miranda has this excellent report of shows to catch over the holidays at WNYC. Seems like everyone likes the Baldessari show at the Met, might have to see that one.
  • And finally, here’s the Snoopy dancing sequence from the Peanuts Christmas Special. Now THAT’S contemporary art. Happy Holidays!

I totally stole this title format from C-Monster and Art Fag City.

Kyle Chayka

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