Watch Frank Gehry Explain his NYC Tower at 92Y

Frank Gehry spoke with New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger at 92Y on October 13. Check out this video for the highlights of their conversation, including some inside info on Gehry’s new New York City Beekman Tower.

Gehry kicks it off by disclosing the inspiration he gets from architect Erich Mendelsohn and his ability to create organic forms with inorganic material, without the use of a computer. If Mendelsohn had had a computer, Gehry cracks, the starchitect would be out of a job. Mendelsohn is the expressionism behind Gehry’s abstract expressionism.

Then we get a behind the scenes peek into the making of Beekman Tower, Gehry’s first NYC tower and a project sure to become an icon of city architecture. The process behind the designing of the apartments’ bay windows is particularly interesting, showing how Gehry uses architectural limitations and tweaks them, creating buildings that are innovative without becoming curvy cliches.

For Gehry aficionados, might I also recommend Sydney Pollack’s documentary on the architect, Sketches of Frank Gehry. Check out the trailer, it’s a great, inspiring film.

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