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Crowds at Critical Halloween 2014 (photo courtesy the Storefront for Art and Architecture)

Everybody to the polls! No, we’re not talking about the US elections tomorrow — although you should also go to those polls — we’re talking about Hyperallergic and the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s annual Critical Halloween costume contest.

We are hosting an online competition to award the “People’s Choice” for best costume from this year’s party, which took place on Friday and challenged revelers to respond to the costume theme “I-Relevance.” Some party-goers dressed as concepts, practices, and devices that have become outmoded, while others took a more critical approach to the prompt and used it to proclaim the seemingly relevant no longer relevant. A few folks came as Halloween standbys like Jason, a cop, a vampire, and Alex from A Clockwork Orange, costumes that, if we’re being generous, were actually on-theme precisely because they were irrelevant to the theme. But we’ll leave that for you to determine with your votes.

You can vote for as many costumes as you’d like, but voting ends Friday, November 7, 2014 at 5pm EST. Just select all of your favorite costumes and hit the VOTE button at the end of the post. To get a closer look at a costume, click each photo to enlarge.

Thank you to photographer Yuko Torihara for the photos and to lead Critical Halloween sponsors Porcelanosa, Arup and RDRICE.

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