Ambient Poetry

Last October, Luzinterruptus participated in the 2010 Poetas por km2 poetry festival in Madrid with an installation of illuminated poems. They filled the garden with 1,000 white envelopes containing poems written by numerous poets specially for the occasion by the poets who participated in the festival (Ajo, Peru Saizprez, Mayra Oyuela, Javier de la Rosa, Javier Nadie, La Más Bella, Raúl Zurita, Julián Herbert, Reynaldo Jiménez, Emila Persola, Héctor Avellán, Linda Wong, Eduardo Scala, Pep Gómez, Maria Eloy-García, Josep Pedrals, Gabriel Vallecillo).

The collision of text and image is something I’ve always been fascinated with and it’s good to see the world of literature exploring more artistic ideas for the presentation of their work. Though I will say that in this case the close-ups of the installation and those inside the work are far more interesting to look at in pictures than the other perspectives. [Luzinterruptus Blog]

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