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Atelier van Lieshout’s planned Utrecht villa (image from

Call it the anti-condo: Dutch artist and architect Joep van Lieshout’s Atelier van Lieshout is offering up their first house for sale, and this inhabitable work of art is not your average villa. Draped with an intestinal blob-tunnel, Lieshout’s one of a kind Utrecht building is available for a cool one million euros, but it’s not for the faint of heart (or eye).

The trick is that Lieshout’s blob house doesn’t actually exist yet. The buyer of the house doesn’t purchase an actual construction; instead, they commit to having Lieshout’s design built. In turn, Atelier van Lieshout will tweak their design to fit the buyer’s needs. You know, in case they need some more blobs on their blob, or a guest pustule.

Atelier van Lieshout’s Utrecht villa in a second rendering (image from

Renderings show a bright orange structure kind of like a melting warehouse: floor to ceiling glass windows extend over the lower stories, but bits of blob seem to drip over the windows in a twist towards the grotesque. Other, smaller windows dot the surface of the building, all in different shapes and sizes. The main funky feature of Lieshout’s blob house, though, is the intestine occupying the roof and the sides of the structure. There’s a lumpy and disfigured tube-like space on top of the villa that adds that special touch to your new home. Great for hosting guests you don’t like!

The blog house’s architecture recalls Atelier van Lieshout’s other projects, particularly their Bar Rectum, a drinking establishment located inside, you guessed it, a large anus-entrace. You’ve heard of organic architecture, but that’s a little too naturalistic for me. The blob building also totally reminds of Erwin Wurm’s “Fat Car”, which is basically what it sounds like.

The Lieshout house will be located in Utrecht, the largest city in the Netherlands, in the Parkzichtlaan neighborhood, on the edge of Leidsche Rijn Park and along the banks of the historic Oude Rijn River. Doesn’t that sounds awesome? Those interested in buying the villa can check out the official English-language website, or get in touch with Johan Blom Real Estate. Just be sure to invite us over after the place is finished.

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