Art Ed at MECA

Consider teaching art! MECA offers a ten-month Master of Arts in Teaching that prepares you for the challenge of a lifetime. Located in the scenic arts community of Portland, Maine, our hands-on program guides teacher candidates to become effective artist-educators.

From the first day of class, you will interact with children and youth in a variety of settings, urban and rural, formal and informal. Internships in the spring semester prepare you to begin careers as confident art educators. Through collaborative inquiry and action research, teacher candidates try new ideas and collect the evidence needed to improve their teaching and their students’ learning. This process establishes a vehicle for reflective practice and a lifetime of professional development.

“The MECA community has been inspirational: it is rich with skilled artists who are grounded in their personal quests for meaning as well as making. My experience at MECA has also reaffirmed the importance of keeping a studio practice — and teaching has given me new inspiration that I can carry into my personal artwork. The nature of the one-year program is both intensive and intimate. But it’s the best kind of intense: it’s academic, it’s experiential, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding. For me, teaching was a career change, and I wanted to get started as soon as possible.”

—Jennifer Kowtko ’13 / 2013 Maine Art Education Association, Student Art Educator of the Year

Priority deadline is March 1, 2015. To learn more, visit

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