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This week, Godard’s anti-imperialism, in defense of “bad” curating, an inexplicable statue, criminalizing culture wars, and more.

Edie Everette

Edie Everette ( was a fine artist for years until, impassioned by culture and politics, she became a full-time cartoonist. Her recently...

9 replies on “My Art School Breakdown, Part 1”

  1. A lot of young women going to art school disassociated – rape survivors, dealt with through substance abuse – self medicating, eating disorders, depression etc. If it wasn’t your story, you are lucky, it is for many.

  2. Why did people expect this to be funny? Because it’s sorted as a “comic”? I would understand a trigger warning, but I don’t understand how this could possibly be considered distasteful. Weird. Not sure why Part II is receiving so much flak on social media. This seems to actually relate to a lot of people that I know in my art school, and I actually find these to be tasteful, possibly even poignant, personal, as well as realistic.

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