Installation view of the Overduin & Co. booth (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

MIAMI BEACH — Upon entering this year’s New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) art fair one immediately appreciates the need for this alternative to the larger, establishment art fair down the beach. Unlike Art Basel, NADA Miami Beach has a casual, approachable feel.

The security- and admission-free entrance through the lobby of the Deauville Beach Resort leads to the somewhat haphazard layout of the 80 dealers showing their wares. One gallery owner, lacking any proper furniture in his booth, was sorting through his informational materials on the carpeted floor as I approached; he had already sold 2 of his pieces earlier that morning.


Installation view of the Karma booth


“Untitled” (2014) by Julia Bland, in the On Stellar Rays booth


Installation view of the Mihai Nicodim Gallery booth


Nicholas Buffon, “Fei Ma” (2014), in the Callicoon Fine Arts booth


Nicholas Buffon, “Key Food” (2014), in the Callicoon Fine Arts booth


Installation view of the Callicoon Fine Arts booth


Bas van den Hurk, untitled works (2014), in the Rod Barton booth


Strauss Bourque-LaFrance, “Showpiece” (2014), in the Rachel Uffner Gallery booth


Installation view of the Rod Bianco booth


Amir Nikravan, “Untitled (Site 2)” (2014), in the Jonathan Viner booth


Detail view, Brad Troemel, “Bitcoin Foundation / Greenpeace / The Center for American Progress” (2014), in the Tomorrow booth


Installation view of Maximilian Schubert in the Eli Ping Frances Perkins booth


Installation view of the M + B booth


Detail view, Jean Cocteau, “Le mystère de Jean l’oiseleur, Monologues (The Mystery of Jean the Bird-Catcher, Monologues)” (1924), in the Linn Lühn booth


Installation view of Andersen’s Contemporary booth


Installation view of works by Piotr Lakomy in The Sunday Painter’s booth

NADA Miami Beach continues at the Deauville Beach Resort (6701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) through December 7.

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