Prosecutors focused on Poster Boy's YouTube appearance creating this “Tough Biatch” mash-up. (click to enlarge)

Prosecutors focused on Poster Boy’s YouTube appearance creating this “Tough Biatch” mash-up. via AnimalNY (click to enlarge)

Last week, infamous street ad remixer Poster Boy plead guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief in New York. His sentence is 210 hours of community service.

Poster Boy’s lawyer had this to say to the New York Post:

My impression was that the DA’s office took a very harsh view of this case, and they were not terribly flexible.

Anti-ad activist & artist Jordan Seiler agrees the punishment was excessive:

The severity of the sentence obviously reflects the city’s dedication to commercial use of public space over public critique and free expression.

Reuters’ Felix Salmon gives some sound financial advice, namely, don’t invest in art funds. As proof of his point, he cites one fund, The Art Trading Fund, which went bust in just two and a half years.

The realities of Reaganomics (via Commedio Retardio)

Realities of Reaganomics (via Commedio Retardio)

LA Times art critic Christopher Knight expresses a sentiment that many people are starting to talk about, namely that Reaganomics is the name of the game in the market-obsessed art world. While the rich get richer, everyone else should politely wait for table scraps.

The New York Observer has a profile of curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, who was ranked #1 in Art Review’s Power 100. While the article is not accurate about the role of curators in the past (it’s untrue that curators were not stars before the 1980s) it does provide a lot of information about Obrist’s life. (via Art Fag City)

The new Art Gallery of Alberta will open in early 2010.

The new Art Gallery of Alberta will reopen in early 2010.

In positive museum news, Canada’s Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, is reopening with a brand-new building early next year. The AGA has also signed a three-year partnership with the National Gallery of Canada for an ongoing series of exhibitions featuring works drawn from NGC’s excellent collection. It is a great idea that I wish was used more often as a way to provide access to the large collections of national institutions with a new potential public.

While in Denver, Colorado, Look In My Owl has a report from the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Clyfford Still Museum that will open in 2011.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that everything is cheery in the art world. For instance, the loftily named Fresno Metropolian Museum will close.

 Charles Dickens' toothpick is engraved with the author's initials  Photo: AP  via London Telegraph

Charles Dickens’ toothpick is engraved with the author’s initials Photo: AP via London Telegraph

In less serious but very hygenic news, Charles Dickens’s ivory & gold toothpick has sold at a New York auction for $9,150. (via Eyeteeth)

And finally, the award-winning blog Bygone Bureau asked some netizens about the Best of 2009 and there’s dozens of worthwhile links listed. We’re particularly proud to point out that Hyperallergic’s very viral “The Top 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World” was mentioned by Joanne McNeil, who said that we had “one of the best posts this year, a parody of the Art Review’s ‘power’ issue.” Thanks Joanne, we heart you too!



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