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Otto Dieffenbach’s flying Christmas tree (YouTube screenshot by the author)

How does Santa deliver all those gifts in just a few short hours every Christmas? With drones, of course! It seems so obvious now, having just watched footage — presumably intended to be cheerful, but actually rather frightening — of Otto Dieffenbach’s drone Christmas tree in action.

Dieffenbach is the director and head of marketing and sales at Flyguy Promotions, a drone-based advertising company in San Diego that creates custom flying rigs for brands. His other airborne sculptures include beloved superheroes like Iron Man and Superman, a witch on a broom, and, perhaps most disturbingly, a bikini-clad model with angel wings.

Though Dieffenbach’s Christmas tree drone isn’t as shocking as other drone-powered artworks of note — like, say. Bart Jansen’s “Orvillecopter” — it’s the shape of the airborne conifer and its disquieting resemblance to fighter jets and actual drones used by the US military that makes the footage you’re about to see so unsettling.

h/t Creators Project

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