David Goehring, "What Do You Hear In These Sounds?" (2008) (via flickr.com/carbonnyc)

David Goehring, “What Do You Hear In These Sounds?” (2008) (via flickr.com/carbonnyc)

It’s been a busy fall, but we always have our notebook with us, so it’s time for our irregular feature — and everyone’s favorite LULZ — Overheard in the Art World (#OHAW).

Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

Man: “Look, that’s a Gaza mural.”
Woman, not paying attention and on her cell phone: “What? Gossip Girl?”
Man: “No, Gaza, like the war.”
Woman: “Oh, well, they film episodes here.”
—on Flushing Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Little boy: “This place looks like a circus.”
Father, slightly shocked: “I guess it does.”
—in the Jeff Koons retrospective at Whitney Museum of American Art

Curator: “As soon as we accept that we all just work at the service of a bunch of rich people, we will be fine with this whole ridiculous world.”
—at the opening of the third section of the High Line park

Man: “She’s just breaking stuff to make art?”
—in front of Kate Gilmore’s video work at the Site:Lab installation at ArtPrize

Man talking to friends: “She wants me to be in a piece. She asked me if I’d roll around naked in menstrual blood, and I said ‘yes.’”
—at Hyperallergic and Brooklyn Museum’s Crossing Brooklyn event at Livestream Public

“That’s a lot of ideas.”
—in the Crossing Brooklyn show at the Brooklyn Museum

“Oh look, it’s the Ferris Bueller painting.”
—at the Museum of Modern Art bookstore, looking at a children’s book about Post-Impressionist Georges Seurat

“Did you just say Koons? Best show of the year?? Okay, Jerry Saltz.”
—at Chris Ofili opening at the New Museum

Woman to man: “Time to get a Kiefer.”
—during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 vernissage

“Is that Sheldon Adelson on his shirt?”
—at the preview of Ryan McNamara’s MEEM 4 Miami: A Story Ballet About the Internet

“I can’t remember if I wanted the sculpture or the painting.”
—at Pulse Miami 2014 art fair

“I’m not drunk enough for this.”
—at the Rubell Family Collection during the Miami Art Week 2014

“What’s the view out of Klaus [Biesenbach]’s window today?”
—at the NADA Miami 2014 art fair

“I like it because I’m tired of photograph, photograph, painting, photograph, painting, painting, painting.”
—at the NADA Miami 2014 art fair

“Is he as cute as his art?”
—at the NADA Miami 2014 art fair

“Why are there so many art shows?”
—on Collins Avenue in South Beach during Miami Art Week 2014

“If there’s people, there must be art.”
—in the Design District during Miami Art Week 2014

“Lena Dunham is related to Laurie Simmons? Omggggg my mind is blown.”
—at Sciame holiday party

“This world of ours will be so much better when we all just accept that we are catering to rich people … I just want us to be the country club I know in my heart we can be.”
—at a gallerist’s holiday brunch

“I’m just so glad Shaquille O’Neal is a curator now.”
—at Circa 188 launch party

“This art looks like it’s from a bad Miley Cyrus video. Oh wait … ”
—at a dinner party while curator flips through her Miami photos

“That new Britney video looks like a a Paweł Althamer retrospective.”
—overheard at the Artist’s Institute’s Tuesday bar night

Girl 1: “Franco’s kind of annoying, again.”
Girl 2: “I just can’t believe Franco is the guy from the art world that pissed off North Korea.”
—overheard at the Artist’s Institute’s Tuesday bar night

Woman: “Is that his art?”
Man: “No, it’s a big pile of cocaine.”
—at Dram bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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  1. cf works by Alex Gingrow, “The Sticker Series” that focuses on the overheard, and in doing so makes an interesting commentary on the art scene.

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