Artwork by FLOOD on Rivington Street (2015) (all photos by the author unless noted otherwise)

Artists have been largely absent from the public discourse surrounding the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby, another of which was just lodged, and about which the comedian remains silent. But the street artist FLOOD has offered his take on the sittuation with a provocative piece that appeared on January 25 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

A wheatpasted image of Cosby’s creation Fat Albert, aptly situated outside the bar Fat Baby on Rivington Street, holds up a sign imploring Cosby to “Just admit it!” By appropriating Cosby’s work and using it against him, FLOOD highlights Cosby’s failure to live up to his own family-friendly image. Hyperallergic reached out to the artist to ask about the origins of the piece and he responded with his answers written out alongside a drawing of the piece.

Interview answers by FLOOD (photo courtesy the artist)

Interview answers by FLOOD (photo courtesy the artist) (click to enlarge)


Artwork by FLOOD on Rivington Street (2015)


Artwork by FLOOD on Rivington Street (2015)


Artwork by FLOOD on Rivington Street (2015)

FLOOD‘s Fat Albert wheatpaste is located on the exterior of Fat Baby (112 Rivington Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan).

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8 replies on “Street Artist Tells Bill Cosby to Fess Up”

  1. Admit it and turn yourself in. Either way regardless whether this sociopath is prosecuted or not he will forever be remembered as Hollywood’s serial rapist and sociopath. What a shameful legacy he will leave behind.

  2. Yet another craptastic, snooze-worthy “reveal” about high-handed Self-Appointed Punisher Schtick (i.e. SAPS) again?! Not only is Mr. Cosby not likely to “Just admit it”, but virtually ALL the supposed “evidence” and allegations against him have yet to add up to even a single SPECK of actual *proof* of anything except consensual sex outside of his marriage! The latter isn’t morally impressive, but compared to the hateful host of fully delusional, power hungry and fact-challenged “avengers” claiming “vengeance is mine”, it’s a cake walk. Cosby may be a hypocrite, but you SAPS are insane.

    1. You posted this exact diatribe on another site. You going around defending a rapist everywhere? Sounds like you hate women, too, and are pretty motivated to show it.

      1. Actually, I did post the SAPS acronym on another site, but the response (i.e not diabribe) was not “exact” and, oh the irony, was, as here, actually just pointing out that the “diatribes” (aka. tirades, invectives, harangues, rants, denunciations, and criticism) by the Hang-Cosby-High crowd of self-appointed Avengers toward anybody that doesn’t toe their line is mean, small, and simple-minded. That doesn’t infer that I “hate women” (although the ignorant implication is typical of bullying behavior), I don’t; but I do confess I’m motivated to try and fight stupidity, hateful indulgences, and abject cruelty aimed toward *all* sorts who would withhold a “presumption of innocence” (i.e. non-convicted, not yet charged) to anyone, including victims, and including (to date) Mr. Cosby.

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